Do you photograph anything besides dogs?

I sure do! I love to photograph pets in whatever form they take. :) While I've never tried fitting anyone bigger than a person into my studio, I'm happy to shoot larger friends such as horses, pigs, emus etc. on location.

My pet is camera shy. Will you be able to photograph him?

I build flexibility into every shoot so I can take all the time and care that's needed to make photoshoots a fun and comfortable experience for both animals and people. Your dog may even learn new posing tricks! (Your cat won't learn anything, but that's OK. We exist to serve.)

How long are photoshoots?

Most photoshoots are about 1-2 hours, depending on the conditions and your pet’s energy level. We will take the time your pet needs to learn to get happy in front of the camera!

What is the process like?

After you book, we'll have a phone consultation so I can hear about your pet, your story together, find out what kind of photos you like, talk about locations and artistic concepts etc. I will also send you information about how to prep for the shoot and some helpful tips.

What are your rates?

Contact me for a current rate sheet that describes my different packages!